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Are you struggling with weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, a foggy memory?

You could have a thyroid problem!

And did you know that supplementing with thyroid medication alone may not be the answer?

Did you know that most cases of low thyroid function are an immune problem, not a thyroid problem?


When I meet people who have a thyroid condition I am often surprised about how little they know about their condition and the support that is available to them. Sometimes they have been on thyroid medication for years, yet still struggle with thyroid related symptoms like fatigue and weight gain.


What type of thyroid problem do you have?

There are many different patterns of thyroid disease, some are clinical (meaning they show up on medical results) and some are sub-clinical. When your thyroid condition is sub-clinical, you can be experiencing all of the symptoms of thyroid disease but you don’t have the blood tests to confirm.

Many people who fit into this category fall through the cracks in the medical system and that is where a good naturopath or integrated medicine practitioner is extremely important.


Are your thyroid symptoms due to a thyroid problem or is your immune system the culprit?

The most common cause of hypothyroidism in Australia is due to the autoimmune condition Hashimoto's. When Hashimoto's is the cause of your hypothyroidism treatment correcting hormone levels will not address the cause of the problem. In these cases, supporting the immune system offers the best chance for slowing down the destruction of thyroid tissue. 



What my clients really value is that I take the time to is explain how thyroid disease works and offer functional pathology tests that can identify the specific pattern of thyroid disease they are experiencing. They value the deeper understanding of their condition and their treatment program, which motivates them on their path back to health.


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