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Gently ease the tension away.

Esoteric Massage

Esoteric Massage is a gentle and deeply relaxing massage which releases tension from the body without the need for excessive force.

Many of us move in such a way, in our everyday activities, that our bodies become tight and stiff. Esoteric massage helps to remove this stiffness from the body encouraging our naturally fluid state of movement once again.

An excellent choice for anyone suffering stress, insomnia, headaches, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or lower back pain due to tight muscles.

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Esoteric Chakra- Puncture

Esoteric Chakra-Puncture is a very gentle needling technique, which helps restore the right flow of energy in the body. It is similar to acupuncture in that is uses needles, however all similarity ends there as Chakra-Puncture does not utilise meridians, but is instead based on the Science of the Nadis

Needles are inserted lightly to a depth of only 1 - 1.5mm. The needles are arranged in specific patterns over the body as required by the patient. The pattern helps to shift energetic blockages in the chakras, hence allowing a fuller expression of the Nadis and a more harmonious flow of energy in the body.

As Chakra-Puncture assists with overall wellbeing in the body, it can theoretically be used to assist with any condition.
Chakrapuncture is a truly complementary therapy that works alongside traditional medical treatments and has offered support to clients seeking aid for a range of conditions including anxiousness, sleep, hormones, fatigue, digestion, immune deficiency, detoxification and many other conditions. Individual programs or sessions can be tailored to client needs

Regardless of the condition being addressed, most clients report a deep feeling of calm with their session. There is a feeling of being washed clear.

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